Azalea ‘Electric Lights Red’

April 12, 2024

It’s the week of the Master’s Golf Tournament in Agusta, Georgia.  Azaleas are normally in bloom during the four-day event in Georgia.  Del’s offers the variety ‘Electric Lights Red’ in our nursery.  The plants are completely dormant now and should be in bloom in a few weeks.  These hardy Azalea from the University of Minnesota, bloom only in April, but the wait is worth it.  This shrub grows 4-5’ tall and 3-4’ wide.  The plants can be kind of “boney” looking left un-pruned.  With proper pruning after their bloom, there will be an even larger display of flowers the following year.  These plants do have a nice, sweet fragrance that is lovely on a calm spring day.  This plant loves morning sun and afternoon shade.  If you look at the picture of the Agusta National Golf Course, you can see the Azalea shrubs tucked in and along the tree line.  I know of one gardener who lives in Estherville, Iowa who has several varieties of Azalea planted around his home.  Homes around the Iowa Great Lakes in West Okoboji, Milford, Spirit Lake, and Orleans have nice stands of mature Burr Oaks that make great companions for Azaleas.  These shrubs do need to be protected from both deer and rabbits in the winter.  Consider using Diervilla (Dwarf Bush Honeysuckle) or Golden Spikenard (False Aralia) or taller growing Ferns as great companions to these beautiful shrubs. 

– Todd Brockshus, Senior Horticulturalist